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Some veterinarians use jargon. Translation below:

She’s doing wonderfully! = At least she’s still breathing.

It’s pricey. = Have you considered delivering pizzas on the weekend to help pay for all this?

You can visit. = You can look at your sweet baby through a glass window for 5 minutes after getting off work early and driving 35 miles to whisper some love into her big, floppy ears.

Her incision might look a little scary at first. = Try not to vomit, scream, or punch yourself in the head after you see what you consented to.

She may be a bit unsettled at first. It’s normal. = She will whimper, cry, moan, and flail about when the meds are wearing off. This is not her telling you how much she wishes you hadn’t done this to her or using her psychic powers to rip your heart in two.

She’ll need extra attention. = You will barely sleep or eat the first few days, much less go to work or even shower.

Make sure to feed her with her meds. = Good luck with figuring out how to get her to lick filet mignon, much less whatever pedestrian offering you hope will entice her to eat.

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4 Responses to “The second thing they didn’t tell us”

  1. admin says:

    lol Thanks for helping others prepare for welcoming their tripawds home, with a good dose of humor.

  2. Tazzie says:

    Boinks – I love your blog! Don’t tell your parents but they won’t be sleeping or going to work for at least a few more weeks. You probably shouldn’t tell them that yet – let them find out on their own.
    Tazzie 2

  3. borzoid says:

    Too Too funny. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sense of humor with us.

  4. horacia says:

    It is so so so nice to see someone taking another approach to the situation. Although we all kind of went through or are going through this, it is hilarious put this way.
    Thanks for making me laugh… it is so much better than crying!
    Cecilia & Horacia

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